CliCliMe.com uses the most advanced lens manufacturing equipment, and our lens laboratory is equipped with well-trained ophthalmic technicians. Our product line includes some of the most complex lens designs available today, including digital (free format) progressive lenses. If you happen to need bifocals or progressive lenses, these digital lenses offer the simplest adaptability, and provide the maximum field of vision for long, medium, and short distances. These digital designs are a few steps ahead of the basic progressive lenses that most optical stores sell.
When you are ordering from CliCliMe.com, we will carefully check the model and color according to our inventory and the information provided online.
Our lenses are installed by well-trained optical technicians, and many lens accuracy checks are carried out during the whole assembly process. Please remember that all our products must pass six steps of quality inspection before delivery. Make sure your glasses are checked again during packaging and transportation. Our hands-on quality control process can ensure that you get the best quality glasses every time! We are proud of our craftsmanship and strive to ensure that every pair of glasses or sunglasses meets the highest standards of our valued customers.
E-retailers like CliCliMe.com are actively trying to break the myth that fashion glasses are expensive. Because of our efficient processes and low online costs, we can sell super fashion and professional quality prescription glasses at competitive prices.

Save More Online

All CliCliMe frames and lenses are produced directly from the manufacturer. By cut off middlemen, we can eliminate unnecessary fees and price increases for exporters, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. It is estimated that through the CliCliMe.com Ordinary customers will save 70% of the retail price when they go shopping. Through online sales, CliCliMe.com Eliminates the cost of providing and configuring physical store locations. This reduces our overhead and enables us to transfer these incredible savings to you. We buy a lot of our frames to get the best possible price. These savings will also be passed on to you.

Even our transportation process can save you money. That is because CliCliMe.com Country specific agreements and environmental materials are attached.

CliCliMe.com Selling classic frames and ultra-fashionable designs, it attracts fashionable and avant-garde buyers. Without the designer's price tag, we bring you the most popular trend today!

Because we have adopted the strategy of reducing cost, so we should CliCliMe.com Ordering prescription glasses can save you an average of 70% of the cost of basic optics.

Incredible Coatings

Scratch resistant coating is another advanced feature, usually priced at $30 to $50 from your local optician. But on CliCliMe.com, it's completely free. The scratch resistant multi hard coating is very durable and is applied to both sides of the lens. This coating is excellent in reducing all the small scratches that usually appear in daily operation and can extend the service life of glasses.

Scratch resistant basic anti-glare antifouling easy to clean

CliCliMe.com High quality antireflective coatings are also available for as low as $4.95. It has better anti-glare and durability! Our high quality anti reflective coating is ideal for computer use and night driving. This high-quality coating increases the amount of light entering your eyes, always providing you with the brightest and clearest vision. Now, your friends and family will see your eyes through the glasses instead of looking at the distracting reflection!

Free Case and Lens Cloth

With new prescription glasses or sunglasses, you'll also get some free accessories. In most cases, this includes product and manufacturer documentation, as well as hard case and lens CliCliMe.com Microfiber cleaning cloth. We have included this microfiber cloth to ensure that your glasses are as clean as they were on the first day of receipt.

With all these upgrades, benefits, and cost savings, CliCliMe.com I believe you will be very satisfied with the prescription glasses you purchased or the guaranteed refund. Thank you for choosing CliCliMe.com To meet all your needs for the quality of your glasses.